Safety at UK Music Festivals

This is the project page for Sexual Violence at UK Music Festivals study conducted by Dr Hannah Bows, Professor Fiona Measham, Professor Nicole Westmarland and Dr Aviah Day at Durham University. This research is funded by The British Academy.

Over the last few years there has been growing awareness of sexual harassment and violence at music festivals. Several festivals (both in the UK and elsewhere) have hit the headlines due to widespread reporting of sexual harassment or violence. However, we known very little about the extent, nature and responses to sexual violence at UK music festivals due to limited official data and no academic studies.

Over the next 12 months our study will aim to address some of the gaps in evidence through surveys of festival goers and interviews with those who attended festivals and experienced, or witnessed, sexual violence. We will also be speaking to practitioners from medical, welfare and security services who work on site at festivals to find out how they identify and respond to sexual violence.

For more information please see our other pages and do get in touch with any questions. You can also follow us on Twitter – @SafetyStudy